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You have an idea for a video game you’d like to create but you don't have the necessary programming skills? With this complete "Full stack" course you'll tackle both the development part with Unreal Engine 4 and the modeling and graphics part with Substance Designer and Blender, and you will also learn the basics of Blockchain technology.

GAMING: Gaming Full Stack Junior Professional


Duration: 360

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Online - 29/10/2020

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Course Gaming Full Stack Junior Professional | GAMING duration Online

The videogames market is constantly growing thanks to the presence of large software houses and the increasing presence of independent developers who, with medium and small teams, are able to offer fantastic gaming experiences.
The development of games itself is today made much easier by the presence of dedicated development environments and frameworks that will allow fans, even those without a programming background, to approach the world of videogames development.

What is the right way to turn an idea into a video game and launch it on the market?
It is with this question in mind that this course was born: it aims to address the study of the various components of a game with a practical experience, starting from the familiarization with the Engine to the development through the Blueprints of Unreal Engine, from the movement of simple geometric shapes to the development of a real game.
The topics that will be addressed in this course will follow the development of a series of small games step by step, in order to closely analyze the problems and see how they fit into the development with the framework Unreal Engine 4.
With this course the student will acquire experience in using and understanding the technologies that give life to a game and how these can be used also outside of the gaming area.

Course structure
240 hours - Game Dev Junior Expert
• Basic knowledge of computer science
UE4 Introduction and basic concepts
Game project I: Side scroller game
Game project II: Stack-like
Game project III: Flippy Knife-Like
Game project IV: Pong 3D

360 hours - Full Stack Game Dev Junior Professional
• Graphic 4 Gaming
• Modelling and Animations
• Blockchain foundation


Entry Level (compulsory for complete beginners)
Computer Science, Networking, Virtual Machine, Linux
Blockchain basics
Managing database with SQL

Objective: transfering to the participants a basic knowledge of computer science, with particular attention to the fields of programming, networks, Unix systems aimed at equipping the student with the appropriate technological tools that will be used in the following modules.

- How to prepare the UE4 environment, setup options and Epic Games Launcher
- UE4 user interface and main working areas presentation
- Analysis of the main Project Settings
- What are Actors and Objects in UE4
- How to create a Function Library
- External assets import and relative settings
- What are levels and how to interact with them
- Blueprints introduction (main focus of the course), and visual scripting bases
- Materials, Material Instances and Collections
- How the UE4 elements and game engine pipeline works

GAME DEVELOPMENT (4 projetcs of games)
GAME I: Side scroller game
GAME II: Stack-like
GAME III: Flippy Knife-Like
GAME IV: Pong 3D

Objective: focussing on technical knowledge in the field of Game Development. Starting from the basics of Unreal Engine and moving on to the development of real video games.

Objective: specific technical knowledge on the world of Profiling, Debugging and on the correct use of important functions of the Unreal Engine software. At the end of the Module, participants will join a Game Jam to show and implement the techniques learned.

(A GameJam is a competition between Game Developers where a theme is defined and the participants, either in group or individually, in a limited time, create a video game that best reflects the Theme defined.)

Blender 3D
 Sunstance Designer

Blender 3D

Objective: basic technical knowledge in the field of 3D Modelling and Texturing, to allow the participant to complete their training in the Full Stack sense.

BLOCKCHAIN FOUNDATION (valid for EXIN international certification)
Objective: at the end you'll have all the necessary technical knowledge to understand Blockchain's many potential business applications. At the same time you'll develop a strategic vision to catch what new opportunities this ever-evolving field offers with special regards to the field of Dapps (decentralized applications) in the Gaming industry.
You'll be able to:
- Understand the inner workings of a Blockchain
- Grasp the role of a node in it's net
- Know the differences between public, private and hybrid Blockchains
- Understand how cryptography, private and public keys, and hash are used in a Blockchain
- Find the advantages and disadvantages of the different consensus algorithms
- Understand the many applications of Blockchain concerning digital identity
- Explain what a Blockchain can bring to supply chains and logistics
- Find how to combine a Blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence
- Understand how Blockchain technology can be used to protect intellectual property rights
- The world of Dapps with regard to Gaming industry
You'll also be able to obtain your International Blockchain Certificates at Geeks Academy's seat.

Details of each teaching unit will be provided during the first encounter

The minimum requirements for participation are: a basic knowledge in the use of computers, a strong curiosity for the world of videogames and the will to understand the dynamics and the mechanisms behind its development.

A solid preparation and a deep knowledge of issues related to the development of video games as a Full Stack Game Developer, with a know-how ranging from pre-production to development, debugging, 3D Modeling and Texturing. Moreover you will get a deep insight in to the Blockchain technology and its application to Gaming industry.

Minimum equipment
PC Windows 7 64-bit or Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD
Video card compatible with DX11

Unreal Engine 4.x (last releaser version)
Substance Designer

NB: Academic hours of 50'.

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In 2019, there were 2.5 billion gamers in the world, with a market of $152 billion that will grow to $196 in a couple of years. The fastest growing sector is mobile gaming, which is growing at a rate higher than 10% and is expected to reach a value of $95.4 billion in 2022, accounting for almost half of the entire gaming market.

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