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Geeks Academy was founded to bridge the ever-widening skills gap and the consequent shortage of professional profiles in the fields of CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD, GAMING & METAVERSE, BLOCKCHAIN & CODING, AI & BIG DATA, TECHNOLOGY & SUSTAINIBILITY.

It aims to train digital talents and get them ready to engage with an increasingly dynamic and competitive job market. The vision is broad and deeply human: we want to create a global community of geeks determined to turn their passion into a profession, their talent into a job.

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Why choose Geeks Academy courses?

The latest technology boom has created new professional profiles and new jobs, yet it also generated a lack of qualified ICT professionals. In this moment, in fact, universities produce elite academics, but no "vertical" profiles ready to enter the labour market. This gap will tend to increase in the coming years as the ICT sector is extremely dynamic, so much so that university courses will already be obsolete at the graduation ceremony.

Geeks Academy courses were developed to speed up the learning process and focus directly on CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD, GAMING & METAVERSE, BLOCKCHAIN & CODING, AI & BIG DATA, TECHNOLOGY & SUSTAINIBILITY.

The structure of Geeks Academy courses reflects our aim to help our students learn fast, so they will be able to get into the labour market as Junior Experts.

  • Deep knowledge of market trends and integration into the world of work;
  • Competence, experience and professionalism of the staff, gained in over twenty years of activity in the field of training;
  • The entire training offer is also accessible to beginners, for whom basic modules are provided;
  • Great attention to the development of creativity and soft skills, even while studying technical disciplines, so as to allow for better work performances in the modern digital economy.
High chances of finding a job

High chances
of finding a job

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practical approach

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85% di studenti trova lavoro dopo aver frequentato i corsi Made in Italy School

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According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children attending primary school today will have a job that does not yet exist and that we may not even be able to predict.

Choose the right side of the Data Economy. Choose Geeks Academy!

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