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Alumni Geeks Academy

Alumni Geeks Academy

Alumni Geeks Academy

Alumni Geeks Academy

AGA - Alumni Geeks Academy

AGA is the community that brings together all former GA students in order to offer support, develop partnerships, provide Career coaching benefits and strengthen professional relationships.

Upon completion of any course or workshop, regardless of the length of it, students automatically become part of the Alumni Geeks Academy - AGA community, which includes members from all over the world.

The AGA is a community that brings together all former students in order to maintain contact, offer support and develop collaborations, as well as provide the alumni with a range of benefits, such as Career coaching, and strong professional relationships. An important moment will be the Alumni International Day, an annual international event focussing on networking and discovering the latest updates.

AGA aims to support the professional growth of former students, helping them to enrich their education and providing them with networking opportunities, refresher courses, events and training resources.

Main features of the Alumni Geeks Academy:

Continuously refreshing your skills

Learning will not end at the end of your course at your chosen Geeks Academy location. As an AGA member, you can update your professional skills or acquire new skills in different areas, benefiting from a 10% discount when enrolling in new courses or Study Trips and a 20% discount on special promotions for AGA

Career Coaching Services

Former students will continue to benefit from the Geeks Academy Job Placement service in the form of Career Coaching even after you have found or changed their previous job. Alumni will be updated on the opportunities offered by partner companies and will have privileged access to soft skills training modules and the new certifications. Moreover, former students will be able to take part to Special AGA Career Days, organized to facilitate meetings between partner companies and former students.

Collaborate with the Job Placement Service

Alumni can be the link between their company and Geeks Academy, using Geeks Academy’s students pool for the human resources recruitment needs of your company.

Open Lesson, Webinar and social events

Alumni will be invited to all Open Lesson events, Webinars and social events, where you will meet with classmates and make new friends with the participants to the other courses.

Participate as Guest Speaker

Alumni will have the opportunity to talk about their study and work experience in the Open Lessons and Open Days and, in case your your professional background is in line with the lesson, you will be able to participate as a guest to enrich the content of the courses by sharing you experience and your advice with the young professionals of the future!


Support the Scholarships4Geeks fund with a donation, join the board of AGA philanthropists and follow the academic progress of those who have benefited from your contribution.

Upcoming courses and workshops

Hurry up! Courses to become a Geek are about to start.

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Choose to turn your passion into a profession, find the solution and the branch that work best for you and get on this new adventure with us.


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