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Game Design Pitch Camp



Course Game Design Pitch Camp

A five-day full immersion to conceive, design and create a pitch for a video game

CourseGAMING & METAVERSEFormula Bootcamp

The Summer Camp goal is to make the participants able to create and present, at the end of the bootcamp, the video game Pitch they have designed. Starting from the Game Design fundamentals, we will move on towards the world of presentations and pitch, where the participants, during a workshop, will produce their own presentation and then introduce it in a simulation session to a Publisher.

GAMING & METAVERSE: Game Design Pitch Camp


Duration: 40 hours

Job Placement


Where the Course Game Design Pitch Camp will take place?





Dubai - UAE - January 2023
Al Zahra St, Building In5 Tech

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10 places available
Course capacity: 12

Course Game Design Pitch Camp | GAMING & METAVERSE duration Bootcamp

In recent years, the video game industry had an exponential growth in relation to the worlds of communication and economy, by addressing a mixed audience and diversifying its offer on various platforms such as PC, console, mobile, social networks and more. The video game medium became the key element of our century, in regard to mass media and the entertainment industry, overcoming both cinema and publishing industries in terms of sales, reaching almost $200 billion per year. It has also expanded its skills to several junior and expert professional profiles. One of the most requested professional profiles is Game Designer.

The Summer Camp goal is to make the participants able to create and present the videogame Pitch they have designed at the end of the camp. 

In the bootcamp, we will deal with:

  • game design fundamentals;
  • genres;
  • difficulty curve;
  • player profiles;
  • gamification fundamentals and tools;
  • game psychology;
  • mechanics & graphics;
  • gameplay & level design;
  • pitch.

The course is aimed at all video game enthusiasts and those who intend to become game designers. It is not required to have a programming background or specific previous knowledge to access the course.

At the end of the summer camp you will be able to:

  • cleverly create and design your own game;
  • create a pitch and have the necessary skills to present it to a publisher.

To join our course, it is necessary to have access to an Internet connection and a PC with text editors tools (i.e. cloud tools, such as Google Drive, or desktop tools, such as Word, Excel, etc.).

“This class got me so excited about game design.”

“The class was interesting and the teacher encourages creativity.”

“Amazing class.”

“I enjoyed this class thoroughly.”

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In 2019, there were 2.5 billion gamers in the world, with a market of $152 billion that will grow to $196 in a couple of years. The fastest growing sector is mobile gaming, which is growing at a rate higher than 10% and is expected to reach a value of $95.4 billion in 2022, accounting for almost half of the entire gaming market.

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