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Workshop Cloud Computing Solution Architect

Big news for 2021! This course includes the module for the international EXIN certification in Cloud Computing foundation and practical labs on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

WorkshopCYBERSECURITY & CLOUDDuration Evening

If you wish to become a Cloud Solution Architect and acquire the skills to master the most popular cloud platforms in the world (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), this is the right course for you!

CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD: Cloud Computing Solution Architect


Duration: 48

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Online - March 2022

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10 places available
Workshop capacity: 12

Workshop Cloud Computing Solution Architect | CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD duration Evening

In the last six months of 2020, the demand for cloud data migration specialists has grown by over 110%. As smart working became more and more popular, companies' demand for services based on cloud platforms rose dramatically. As a result, possessing a basic knowledge of cloud computing has become essential nowadays, no matter the field of work. Among the wide range of Cloud Computing services available, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are without a doubt the most complete and used cloud platform in the world.

This course is aimed at those who wish to become specialists in cloud data migration. The course of study provides the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing and an understanding of the architecture, design and distribution of Cloud Computing, and of its incorporation into the organization. The practical laboratories on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud will be an added value for your CV!

Module 1 | Cloud Computing Foundation
This module provides the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing and is valid for the corresponding EXIN International certification 

  • The principles of Cloud Computing
  • Use and access to the Cloud
  • Security and compliance
  • Cloud Computing implementation and management
  • Cloud Computing Assessment

Module 2 | Cloud Computing hands-on: AWS Lab
This module will allow participants to experiment and practice the implementation of a real project on AWS: from the creation of the account to the realization of a real project on the AWS environment up to the final deployment.

Participants will therefore acquire solid knowledge regarding:

  • The general structure and services of AWS
  • User management and access level
  • Creation of the calculation "machines"
  • Amazon RDS relational database

Module 3 | Cloud Computing hands-on: Azure Lab
Participants will acquire solid knowledge regarding:

  • The general structure and services of Microsof Azure
  • User management and access level
  • Lab

Module 4 | Cloud Computing hands-on: Google Cloud Lab
Participants will acquire solid knowledge regarding:

  • The general structure and services of Google Cloud
  • User management and access level
  • Lab

No programming skills are required. This Junior Level Cloud Computing course is intended for anyone with a role or interest in the use and management of Internet-based services.

At the end of this course, you will have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the cloud computing world and of the solutions that can be devised and applied in order to improve compenies' business opportunities. Thanks to the practical laboratories, you will also gain solid skills in the use of AWS, Azure and Google cloud – the most popular Cloud platforms in the world.

Diploma & Certifications
At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion “GEEKS ACADEMY DIPLOMA”, a “DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT” and the EXIN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS included in your study plan – if you choose to sit the exam, which is not mandatory.

Career Coaching 
For a period of 5 years after the conclusion of the course, you will have the chance to benefit from our Career Coaching service for free. 
Over 95% of our graduates have found a job within 3 months since the end of the course!

International Experiences
To our students we offer the possibility to take part in exciting study trips in Dubai, Seoul, Milan, Rome and Singapore, where the hubs of our international network are located. These immersive experiences represent a great way to enrich students’ wealth of knowledge and increase their career opportunities.

Global Alumni Community
By joining this course, you will automatically become a member of the AGA: the Alumni Geeks Academy.
AGA is the community that gathers all our former students in order to offer them support, help them strengthen and develop professional relationships, provide them with networking opportunities and notify them about the latest job offers. The Alumni International Day represents the community’s most important international networking event, as well as a valuable opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Smart Education Formula
Course delivery mode: synchronous distance learning

The lessons will take place either in the evening (21: 00-22: 40) and/or during the weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday 10:00-13:20 and/or 14:10-17:40).

*The hours indicated are intended as academic hours of 50 minutes each.

E-learning Platform
Our flexible approach allows you to study wherever and whenever you want, even if you work and do not have much time. 
All lessons are delivered OnlineLive by qualified teachers, and are recorded in real time to give you the opportunity to watch them asynchronously on our e-learning platform, in case you miss one lesson or you want to review some contents. Among other things, on the platform you will also find many useful materials for self-studying, such as self-assessment tests, exercises and exam simulations. 

Minimum hardware requirements
Notebook: 64-bitdual core on x86-64 CPU | 8GB RAM | O.S. Linux/Mac Os X/Windows

Payment Method
Payment must be issued in one single solution before the beginning of the course.

The number of places available is limited

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By 2026, the cyber security market value will exceed $290 billion. In 2020, companies identified cyber crime as the major risk for business, while the World Economic Forum indicated it as the number 3 threat to global security. The number of profiles required will increase by 300%, due to the rise in cyber crime.

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