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Blockchain Entry Level

Blockchain Entry Level



Workshop Blockchain Entry Level

The bootcamp that introduces you to the world of Blockchain while giving you the possibility to get certified internationally!

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Known as the "Internet of Transactions", Blockchain is the technology that is revolutionising the paradigms of the global economic system, radically changing the very concepts of transaction, ownership and trust. The course provides you with a solid foundation in the Blockchain field and prepares you to achieve the international EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification.

BLOCKCHAIN & CODING: Blockchain Entry Level


Duration: 32 hours

Job Placement


Where the Workshop Blockchain Entry Level will take place?





Dubai UAE - August 2023
Al Zahra St, Building In5 Tech

5% OFF
For all registration received by 30/06/2023


10 places available
Workshop capacity: 12

Milano - June 2023
via Copernico, 38

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For all registration received by 30/01/2023


10 places available
Workshop capacity: 12

Roma - June 2023
via della Consulta, 52

5% OFF
For all registration received by 30/01/2023


10 places available
Workshop capacity: 12

Workshop Blockchain Entry Level | BLOCKCHAIN & CODING duration Bootcamp

Investments related to blockchain technology (crypto, NFT, Metaverse) are growing steadily, and are expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Although Blockchain technology is generally associated with cryptocurrencies and the financial industry, its application potential is actually unlimited. The unique design of the blockchain, which ensures the anonymity and security of transactions, makes the use of this technology ideal for any type of situation that requires security, transparency and collaboration. It is precisely for this reason that blockchain technology is considered so disruptive and innovative.
Therefore, there is no better moment than this to understand how this disruptive technology works and how it can be applied to many different fields, including the entrepreneurial one!

MODULE 1 | Blockchain introduction

Introduction to the Blockchain technology; current scenarios and latest frontiers on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, Dapps, Nft, Initial Coin Offering with reference to Data Economy and Cybersecurity.

MODULE 2 | Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain Basics; The Blockchain Protocol; Blockchain logics; transaction example; DLT - Distributed Ledger Technologies; Blockchain security; consent and timestamp; double spending; Tokens (the nature of tokens, labeled tokens); software protection; public or private blockchains; Blockchain problems; Smart contract; Smart contract & AI; Bitcoin; Ethereum; Blockchain foundation; other blockchains; Initial Coin Offering; DAO; DeFi; Nfts; Security Token Offering; Blockchain and privacy; Governance of the Blockchain; Geopolitics of the Blockchain in the world.

MODULE 3 | Blockchain 4 Businesses (valid for intl. Exin certification)

Blockchain for Business-oriented solutions; Blockchain Technology; Structure of a Blockchain Network; Blockchain Challenges for a Blockchain; Blockchain Risk Mitigation; Applications of a Blockchain; Blockchain vs Metaverse; Expanding Blockchain Applications; Blockchain and the World Economy; Blockchain Innovations; Innovations in Blockchain Technology.

The bootcamp is open to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Blockchain technology in a creative and stimulating environment through an extremely practical approach.

At the end of the bootcamp, you will have acquired the operational technical skills necessary to start your business in the Blockchain field. At the same time, you will also have developed a strategic vision that will allow you to seize all the new opportunities this ever-evolving sector offers.

You will be able to:

  • Understand the internal mechanisms of a blockchain
  • Understand the role of a node in the network
  • Know the differences between public, private and hybrid blockchains
  • Understand how cryptography, public and private keys, and hashes are used in the blockchain
  • Find the advantages and disadvantages of the different consensus algorithms
  • Understand the applications of blockchain in the field of digital identity
  • Explain the value of a blockchain in a supply chain and in logistics
  • Find out how to combine a blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) or with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Understand how blockchain technology can be used to protect intellectual property rights
  • Understand the use of NFTs.
  • Dive into the relations between Blockchain and Metaverse

Diploma & Certifications

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion “GEEKS ACADEMY DIPLOMA”, a “DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT” and the International CERTIFICATION EXIN Blockchain Foundation (optional).

International Experiences

To our students we offer the possibility to take part in exciting study trips in Dubai, Milan, Rome and Singapore, where the hubs of our international network are located. These immersive experiences represent a great way to enrich students’ wealth of knowledge and increase their career opportunities.

Bootcamp delivery mode: on-site training

The lessons will take place as follows:
Monday to Thursday 10:00-13:20 and 14:10-16:50
Friday 10:00-13:20*

*The hours indicated are intended as academic hours of 50 minutes each.

Minimum hardware requirements

Notebook: dual core 64-bit on x86-64 CPU | 8GB RAM (4GB for Host + 4GB for V.M.) | HDD / SSD: (40GB for V.M. Windows + 10GB for V.M. Linux)

Payment Method

Payment must be issued in one single solution before the beginning of the course.

The number of places available is limited

Please fill out the form to inquire about our services & promotions and to check the availability.

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By 2023, the European Union will invest €4.9 billion to develop and adopt blockchain technologies. In 2020, LinkedIn identifies blockchain as the most sought-after skill in the labour market. Since 2018, the role of Blockchain Developer continues to grow dramatically, and is already the most sought-after professional role in several countries.

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Blockchain: 4,9€ billion European investments by 2023

The value of the Cyber Security global market will be 300 billion in 2025.

13,4 million European Data Workers by 2028


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