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In this course attendants will acquire strong foundations in the area of Data Analytics. It will be taught how to extract value from large amount of data to generate profit for company growth. Participants will obtain a comprehensive insight of "Data workers" by carrying out professionally activities of: data management with SQL; Business Intelligence with Excel; Data Visualization with Tableau.

DATA SCIENCE: Data Analytics


Duration: 48

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Online - October 2021

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Course Data Analytics | DATA SCIENCE duration Weekend

The course is suitable for those who want to enter the world of data analysis which in 2020 will be worth 740 billion in Europe. In fact, data analysis, to date, constitutes 4% of the EU's GDP with a growth forecast of 40%. In this context, the demand of data specialist is expected to increase from the current 6 million to almost 10.5 million in 2020.

The candidates for this course will be: digital marketing managers, sales managers, product managers and all those who wish to learn the essential features of data analysis.

The working tools used in this course are Excel, SQL and Tableau to analyze large amounts of data and create dashboards for data visualization.

SQL is the most used programming language for the management of relational databases in the world: knowing its mechanisms is essential for starting to work with data. In fact, SQL allows users to view data inside the database in a personalized way by gathering and / or dividing the elements to be analyzed so as to focus just on specific information.

The SQL language allows users to work on two fundamental domains: programming and data processing, on the one hand, and data visualization, on the other. In fact, specialists with SQL, at the same time, can process millions of data rows in a few seconds and manage the database keeping a data and to work on the analysis of the same in a specific and customizable way, in the shortest time possible.

Course length: 16 hours

Excel is the most widely used management software in the world with an undisputed leadership over its more limiting and less flexible direct competitors. With Excel it is possible to import, visualize, manipulate and share data, but few people know how to make the most of its potential to obtain strategic Business Intelligence analysis aimed at business development.

In this course participants will acquire operational competence of the main technologies used within the well-known Excel experience for BI:

Power Pivot to create data models, define relations and perform calculations with large data sets.

DAX (Data Analysis Expression) advanced language for dynamic data analysis.

Power BI to transform the sources of unrelated data into a set of coherent, visually appealing and interactive information shareable between users.

Power Query to locate, connect, combine and refine data sources in order to meet analysis needs.

Power View to create interactive infographics, maps and other visual elements for effective data visualization.

Course length: 16 hours

Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tools. Viewing data with Tableau allows complex idea to be compelled and communicated in a simple way. 

Expressive visualization goes beyond static graphs and creates multifaceted data visualizations so as to explore every dimension. The rise of big data and the growing public awareness of its power have made data visualization central for business growth changing the way the world looks at data.

In this context, Tableau is perfect for developing creative and powerful data visualizations for any business. It is a powerful tool that allows professionals to identify trends, outliers and models and to obtain a data-driven business focus that truly separates the signal from noise.

Course length: 16 hours

The course is also open to beginners who are recommended to have basic computer skills.

For those interested, the entry level basic module is also available (basic knowledge of computers; basic knowledge of networks; basic knowledge of linux systems; basic knowledge of virtual machines).

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

- Use Excel, SQL and Tableau to collect, clean and analyze large data sets;
- Present insights to clients in the form of dashboards resulting from the analysis of the data provided;
- Tell compelling stories with your data through data visualization.

Basic technical equipment
Notebook: 64-bit dual core CPU | 8GB RAM | S.O. Windows, Linux or macOS

Note: 50 'academic training hours.

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European Data Workers will grow from the current 6 millions to 13.4 millions by 2026; the worldwide value of the Big Data Analytics market will rise from $8.5 billion in 2017 to $40.6 billion in 2023. In 2019, the value of the Italian Big Data market was estimated at €1.4 billion, registering an increase of 26% if compared to the previous year.

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