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Since 2019 we offer, for the first time in Italy, EXIN Blockchain Essentials and EXIN Blockchain Foundation International Certificates.

CourseBLOCKCHAIN & CODINGDuration Online

Known as "Internet of Transactions", Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the global economic system's paradigms, profoundly changing the very concepts of transactions, ownership and trust. Today, Blockchain technology offers new business opportunities to anyone with entrepreneurial vision and focused technical know-hows.

BLOCKCHAIN & CODING: Blockchain Foundation


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Online - October 2021

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Course Blockchain Foundation | BLOCKCHAIN & CODING duration Online

Global scene
In 2022 the total expenditure concerning Blockchain solutions will reach 12.4 billions. In Europe alone, investments in this technology will reach 3.5 billions, compared to the 400 million dollars of 2017. The Italian market, still in it's beginning stage, offers real business opportunities to those who present innovative solutions in Fintech and Industry 4.0.
Today, Blockchain technology isn't for insiders only anymore: the business opportunities it offers are within the grasp of anyone with entrepreneurial vision and focused technical know-hows.

Session 1 | Blockchain 4 All
Workshop: introduction to Blockchain technology. Current scene and new developments of cryptocurrencies, smart contract, Dapps, Initial Coin Offering within Data Economy and Cybersecurity.
Session 2 | Blockchain Foundamentals
A deeper look at Blockchain's technological aspects through a practice workshop.
Blockchain Basics; Blockchain Protocol; Blockchain logic; Transaction example; DLT: Distributed Ledger Technologies; Blockchain and security; Consent and timestamp; The double spending; Tokens; The nature of Tokens; Marked Token; Software's tutelage; Public and private Blockchain; Blockcahin: challenges; Smart contract; Smart contract & AI; Bitcoin; Ethereum Blockchain foundation; others blockchain; Initial Coin Offering; Security Token Offering; Blockchain: privacy; Blockchain's governance; Blockchain: world and Europe's geopolitics.
Session 3 | Blockchain Essentials and Foundation (valid for int.le Exin Certificate)
A deeper look at Blockchain solutions for business.
Blockchain Technology; Structure of a Blockchain Network; Blockchain Challenges for a Blockchain; Blockchain Risk Mitigation; Applications of a Blockchain; Blockchain Technology Supporting People; Expanding Blockchain Applications; Blockchain and the World Economy; Blockchain Innovations; Innovations in Blockchain Technology
More info available through our contacts!
Optional sessions (not included in the programme)
- EXIN Blockchain Foundation International Certificate
- Geek Experience study trip. International study trip to the cradles of cutting-edge Blockchain development (Singapore, Zug, Malta, Seoul).
- Chance to become part of a research group developing new and innovative projects with Blockchain technology.
Geeks Academy is an EXIN credited school and exam centre
As such, the course aims to give it's partecipants everything they need to successfully take the exams for:
- EXIN Blockchain Essentials International Certificate
- EXIN Blockchain Foundation International Certificate
This certificates validate professionals, both in business and IT, who aim to have a role in Blockchain as a cryptography and smart contract solution.
Both these exams can be taken at Geeks Academy's seats.

This course is open to anyone with entrepreneurial vision interested in a closer look of blackchain technology, with an extremely practical approach, in a creative and stimulating setting.
If necessary, solo or in group optional study paths will grant additional basic digital competences.

At the end you'll have all the necessary technical knowledge to understand Blockchain's many potential business applications.
At the same time you'll develop a strategic vision to catch what new opportunities this ever-evolving field offers.
You'll be able to:
- Understand the inner workings of a Blockchain
- Grasp the role of a node in it's net
- Know the differences between public, private and hybrid Blockchains
- Understand how cryptography, private and public keys, and hash are used in a Blockchain
- Find the advantages and disadvantages of the different consensus algorithms
- Understand the many applications of Blockchain concerning digital identity
- Explain what a Blockchain can bring to supply chains and logistics
- Find how to combine a Blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence
- Understand how Blockchain technology can be used to protect intellectual property rights
You'll be able to obtain your International Blockchain Certificates at Geeks Academy's seat Geeks Academy is the first EXIN credited Italian school.
This course is also propedeutic for the Blockchain Developer Junior Professional study path, for developers of solutions based on Blockchain technology.

"I'm currently attending the Blockchain Foundation course, a technology destined to be one of the most influential and groundbreaking of the 21st century.

The teachers are top notch and the study material made available by the school is also excellent.

A true flagship of the Geeks Academy ''

Daniele P

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By 2023, the European Union will invest €4.9 billion to develop and adopt blockchain technologies. In 2020, LinkedIn identifies blockchain as the most sought-after skill in the labour market. Since 2018, the role of Blockchain Developer continues to grow dramatically, and is already the most sought-after professional role in several countries.

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Blockchain: 4,9€ billion European investments by 2023

The value of the Cyber Security global market will be 300 billion in 2025.

13,4 million European Data Workers by 2028


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