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Certifications CYBER SECURITY
EXIN Privacy & Data Protection

Certifications CYBER SECURITY
EXIN Privacy & Data Protection



Certifications EXIN Privacy & Data Protection

The certification exam is optional and will take place on site.

CertificationsCYBER SECURITYDuration Serale

The course provides the skills to introduce yourself as IT Security Officer and / or Data Protection Officer in public and private business contexts.

CYBER SECURITY: EXIN Privacy & Data Protection


Duration: 18

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Online - November 2020

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Certifications EXIN Privacy & Data Protection | CYBER SECURITY duration Serale

Data security is now at the center of every business and government issues. In fact, understanding where the threats come from and what are the physical, technical and administrative means to counter them are at the basis of any business strategy.

Cyber ??security therefore plays a crucial role in the broader framework of business risk management. However, it is only recently that companies have become fully aware of its importance, thanks also to the introduction of the European GDPR regulation. In particular, after the succession of large-scale cyber attacks and increasing technical and organizational complexity that have highlighted serious vulnerabilities at public, private and even governmental organizations. The driving force of this new attitude is the change in the consumption of IT services (mobile devices, IoT, Cloud, ...) and the consequent breakdown of the so-called "IT security perimeter".

To make data protection even more secure and effective, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 has introduce the figure of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), namely the Data Security Officer. Starting from May 25, 2018, following the entry into force of the European GDPR regulation, it is mandatory to introduce this new professional figure, which can be selected among the employees of the data controller, or be an external and independent freelancer.

What you will study
Digital Administration Code (CAD)
Minimum IT security rules (NIS directive)
European Digital Identity Regulation (eIDAS)
European Regulation on Privacy and Data Protection (GDPR)
Identity and identification systems
Italian digital identity system (SPID)

Optional module
International certification Exin Privacy and Data Protection Foundation. The exam will take place on site.

During the interview, details of the individual teaching units will be provided.

Basic module makes the course accessible to everyone. For those who already had the knowledge provided by the basic module, they can directly access the Cybersecurity module.

Participants in this course will gain a broad knowledge of processes and information security legislation in all its forms and utilities, as well as deepening the terminology used internationally (from the small company to the large multinational company, to the public administration ). Attendants also will become acquainted with the new European and Italian regulations that entered into force in the 2016-2018 three-year period.

Therefore the course provides the skills to work as a Data Protection Officer (mandatory figure required by the new European Regulation for Privacy and Data Protection, GDPR), or as a Head of IT Security in public and private business contexts.

Basic technical equipment
Notebook: 64-bit dual core CPU | 8GB RAM | S.O. Windows, Linux or macOS

Training provided in 2 days (16 academic hours of 50')

Digital Engineering, Next Software Generation, has been operating for over 20 years on the market providing software development in the field of: medical-health, public administration, military institutions, trade, logistics and transport. It has certified professionals who, following dedicated and universally recognized standards, can align their knowledge and skills in the ICT area.

Jakin, born in 1992, specializes in Data Management, Business Intelligence, Management Control, Training.
Areas of expertise: Database design and DWH; OLAP solutions; ETL processes; DB Performance & Tuning; BI projects and solutions; KPIs, analytics and dashboards, DSS, clusters and sets.

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By 2026, the cyber security market value will exceed $290 billion. In 2020, companies identified cyber crime as the major risk for business, while the World Economic Forum indicated it as the number 3 threat to global security. The number of profiles required will increase by 300%, due to the rise in cyber crime.

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The value of the Cyber Security global market will be 300 billion in 2025.

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