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Advanced - Junior Expert CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD
Cybersecurity Junior Expert

Advanced - Junior Expert CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD
Cybersecurity Junior Expert



Advanced - Junior Expert Cybersecurity Junior Expert

Become a Cybersecurity Expert starting from scratch and boost your career! The preparatory modules for the EXIN International Certification in Ethical Hacking is included.

Advanced - Junior ExpertCYBERSECURITY & CLOUDFormula Part-time

The right boost for your career, even if you are starting from scratch! The program aims to train expert profiles with skills in Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, Python programming and Networks. It also includes the preparatory modules to obtain the EXIN international certification in Ethical Hacking.

CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD: Cybersecurity Junior Expert


Duration: 240 hours

Job Placement


Where the Advanced - Junior Expert Cybersecurity Junior Expert will take place?





Dubai UAE - November 2024
Al Zahra St.

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For all registration received by 30/06/2024

2 Scholarships
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10 places available
Advanced - Junior Expert capacity: 12

Online - November 2024

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For all registration received by 30/06/2024

2 Scholarships
available at the moment

10 places available
Advanced - Junior Expert capacity: 12

Advanced - Junior Expert Cybersecurity Junior Expert | CYBERSECURITY & CLOUD duration Part-time

The Data & Web Security market is currently worth more than $ 150 billion, and it is expected to reach – and probably exceed – the value of $ 350 billion by 2026. The main driver of this growth is the increasingly frequent occurrence of data-breach episodes, cyber incidents and cyber-attacks.

In today's highly interconnected world, Cybersecurity is therefore an area destined to acquire an increasingly important role within company processes and the world of work. According to a recent study, cyber-risks are in fact ranked third among the risks perceived by managers around the world. Faced with such an emergency escalation, companies are running for cover by increasing their Cybersecurity budgets and hiring specialized personnel in this area.

This is why the demand for IT security specialists is constantly increasing. Acquiring Cybersecurity skills now represents the strategic choice to change your future!

But who is the Cybersecurity expert?

The Cybersecurity expert represents the key figure responsible for maintaining the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data present on companies’ information systems.

This figure works to detect, prevent and resolve threats related to the security of IT infrastructures, mastering specific technologies in compliance with the international standards and regulations governing the sector. Following the occurrence of an incident, it has the task of implementing the mitigation and response measures aimed at dealing with the violation, recovering the data and carrying out investigations in order to identify the correlations between the events and the responsibilities. Furthermore, it plays a fundamental role in defining security policies and in raising awareness among company personnel on the behaviors that must be implemented to limit the damage deriving from the increasingly sophisticated social engineering techniques perpetrated by cyber criminals.

MODULE 1 | Computer Science Foundations

  • Computer Science
  • Principles of programming
  • Virtual Machine
  • Networking Routing & Switching (basic)
  • Linux basics
  • Managing Data with SQL
  • Python Web Developer
  • Effective Linkedin Profile / Soft Skills (optional and included)

Goal: to equip the participants with a basic knowledge of computer science that will be fundamental to understand and make the most of the topics covered in the second module.

MODULE 2 | Ethical Hacking

  • Networking routing and switching (advanced)
  • Ethical Hacking 1
  • Ethical Hacking 2
  • Ethical Hacking 3
  • Ethical Hacking 4 (valid for EXIN intl. certification)
  • Practical workshop: Catch the Flag Contest

Goal: to address the offensive side of Cybersecurity from the attacker's point of view, with a focus on Ethical Hacking issues regarding network security, application security, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. The “Catch the Flag” competition will represent an excellent opportunity to perfect and consolidate students' problem solving and cooperation attitudes, which are essential for successfully facing the challenges posed by the intensification of cyber crime.

Request a one-on-one interview to learn more about each teaching unit.

Since 2019, Geeks Academy has been an accredited EXIN training provider and examination center.

This course will give you the possibility to sit the exam to obtain the following international certifications:

  • EXIN Ethical Hacking Foundation

Thanks to the presence of the foundation module, the course is accessible to a wide range of participants, whether they have previous training in cybersecurity or computer science or not. 
A preferential requirement for admission is a keen curiosity for issues related to information security and digital technologies in general.

Diploma & Certifications
At the end of the course, you will receive:

  • certificate of completion “Geeks Academy DIPLOMA”;
  • a “DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT” and the EXIN International Certifications included in your study plan (if you choose to sit the exam, which is not mandatory);
  • completion “BADGES” shareable on LinkedIn Licenses & Certifications section.

Furthermore, for those who will attend the bootcamp in Dubai, starting from January 2022 it will be possible to obtain an international diploma recognized by the Emirate of Dubai. 

Job Placement & Career Coaching 
This course will grant you access to exclusive Career Days with our partner companies and organizations. Besides, for a period of 5 years after the conclusion of the course, you will have the chance to benefit from our Career Coaching service for free. 
Over 95% of our graduates have found a job within 3 months since the end of the course!

International Experiences
To our students we offer the possibility to take part in exciting study trips in Dubai, Seoul, Milan, Rome and Singapore, where the hubs of our international network are located. These immersive experiences represent a great way to enrich students’ wealth of knowledge and increase their career opportunities.

Global Alumni Community
By joining this course, you will automatically become a member of the AGA: the Alumni Geeks Academy.
AGA is the community that gathers all our former students in order to offer them support, help them strengthen and develop professional relationships, provide them with networking opportunities and notify them about the latest job offers. The Alumni International Day represents the community’s most important international networking event, as well as a valuable opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. 

Smart Education Formula
Course delivery mode: synchronous distance learning + optional activities in presence. 

The lessons will take place on Saturday and Sunday (10:00-13:00 and 13:45-15:45 CET).

*The hours indicated are intended as academic hours of 50 minutes each.

E-learning Platform
Our flexible approach allows you to study wherever and whenever you want, even if you work and do not have much time. 
All lessons are delivered OnlineLive by qualified teachers, and are recorded in real time to give you the opportunity to watch them asynchronously on our e-learning platform, in case you miss one lesson or you want to review some contents. Among other things, on the platform you will also find many useful materials for self-studying, such as self-assessment tests, exercises and exam simulations. 

Minimum hardware & software requirements
Notebook: 64-bit dual core i5 CPU | 8GB RAM | O.S. Windows, Linux or macOS

Payment Method
It is possible to choose between two payment options:
•    Single solution: in this case, payment must be issued in one single solution before the beginning of the course, and will grant you an additional 5% discount. 
•    Multiple installments: 50% of the tuition fee must be paid before the beginning of the course, while the remaining 50% will be divided in monthly installments.

The number of places available is limited

Please fill out the form to inquire about our services & promotions and to check the availability.


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By 2026, the cyber security market value will exceed $290 billion. In 2020, companies identified cyber crime as the major risk for business, while the World Economic Forum indicated it as the number 3 threat to global security. The number of profiles required will increase by 300%, due to the rise in cyber crime.

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